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Seamless I/O expansion for your UR eSeries


WireBridge I/O

WireBridge I/O provides seamless integration of additional signal types to the UR Polyscope software. Compatible with over a hundred different module configurations, it expands the I/O capability of the robot beyond simple digital and analog, bringing multi-level I/O, relay control, temperature monitoring, and more.

In addition to the out-of-the-box configurations, WireTank offers URCap development for custom signal processing and control.



UR3E • UR5E • UR10E • UR16E 


• Single wire I/O connectivity between the robot and your system,
  simplifying applications that require robot mobility


• Field configurable


• Up to four modules with several configurations


• Replication of native I/O user experience, including live

  monitoring and control


• Signal selection based on Polyscope variables


• Ethernet connection allows remote I/O access

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