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WireTank Plane Editor

WireTank Plane Editor

TCP positioning made easy

Accurate plane definition is critical  for a repeatable robotic application. The WIreTank Plane Editor URCap offers a more flexible interface to accurately create planes, and leverages  the cobot's built-in torque sensor to  position the TCP, eliminating visual subjectiveness.  


UR3E • UR5E • UR10E • UR16E 

Plane Editor - Plane Type.png

• Use a virtual origin for parts with rounded corners.

• Use edges instead of points, when your part doesn’t have a marked origin

• Enter points coordinates, ideal for planes defined within your CAD system or for planes the robot cannot reach, as it is often the case for

safety planes


• Use  incremental moves in programmable steps both for translation and for rotation ​

• Find surfaces or IO sensor limits in all 6 directions relative to the base, tool or any defined plane at programmable speeds 

• Center your tools  in X, or XY directions, ideal for centering a gripper on a circular part 

• Align TCP to any defined plane 

WireTank_Plane Editor_Features2.png

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