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TCP positioning made easy

WireTank Plane Editor

Accurate plane definition is critical  for a repeatable robotic application. The WIreTank Plane Editor URCap offers a more flexible interface to accurately create planes, and leverages  the cobot's built-in torque sensor to  position the TCP, eliminating visual subjectiveness.  

UR3E • UR5E • UR10E • UR16E 

Plane Editor - Plane Type.png

Use a virtual origin for parts with rounded corners.

Use edges instead of points, when your part doesn’t have a marked origin.

​Enter points coordinates, ideal for planes defined within your CAD system or for planes the robot cannot reach, as it is often the case for safety planes.


Use  incremental moves in programmable steps both for translation and for rotation ​

Find surfaces or IO sensor limits in all 6 directions relative to the base, tool or any defined plane at programmable speeds 

Center your tools  in X, or XY directions, ideal for centering a gripper on a circular part 

Align TCP to any defined plane 

WireTank_Plane Editor_Features2.png

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