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Automate the process
of re-defining an accurate tool center point


WireTank TCP Calibration

The WireTank TCP Calibration Station simplifies the process of dealing with variable tool center points.
In the case of dispensing projects, this variation may come from small changes in the physical dimensions of the tips or from large variations that may come as different tip geometries are used.

UR3E • UR5E • UR10E • UR16E 


Configurable calibration plane
initial TCP and sensor IO

Programmable approach distance allows calibration of drastically different TCPs

“Calibrate TCP” functionality creates a new user selectable TCP provided by the URCap that can be selected within a program

Program nodes enable the user to perform the calibration within a program
Programs can be written to prompt the operator to perform the calibration if they have changed TCP’s since the last run or automatically


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