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Untethered dispensing for your UR eSeries


WireTank Dispenser

The motorized WireTank Dispenser removes the variability introduced by the use of compressed air in most dispensing systems.  Designed specifically for Universal Robots, it can be mounted at the robot wrist, allowing you to go from unboxing to dispensing in under 15 minutes. Fully programmable within the Teach Pendant through the included URCap, eliminating the need of additional equipment.


UR3E • UR5E • UR10E • UR16E 


Reduce waste through high dispense volume accuracy​

​​Fully electrical, no compressed air needed​

Compatible with off-the-shelf 5cc, 30cc syringes, and 50ml cartridges

Provides two installation options (Robot wrist/Controller cabinet)

Fully integrated with Polyscope. No external PLC / PC necessary

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