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URCap Development 

Automation simplicity is achieved through well-integrated systems. Universal Robot’s open platform allows Polyscope’s functionality to be extended by system integrators.


Leverage our Experience  ​

At WireTank, we understand the intricacies of the UR system architecture. We can leverage the experience gained through our own development process taking products from idea to UR+ certification to help you evaluate your product’s feasibility and time to market.   


Native feel within the UR ecosystem 


Simplified wiring 


Unified interface 

Increased reliability  


A more frictionless experience for the user 


Our Work

Dispenser Installation Node

Python daemon

Custom graphics

Program nodes

Polyscope toolbar


WireBridge Installation Node

Dynamic User Interface built programmatically

at runtime XMLRPC Communication

Installation and Program Node model variables

WireBridge Program Node


Variable Management

Communication with Installation Node

Various view configurations

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